Wednesday 4 July 2007

"I don't know what a tracker morgage is!"

This was passed onto us here at the blog, it was created by some (hopefully) drunken UL students while on the 308.
Funny remake of the financial regulator bus advert:

Tuesday 3 July 2007

"Cheaper, smellier and crowded but I still prefer to rely on them than Bus Eireann"

A reader commented in the last post lives on the University route and highlights the differences between both the Eurobus service and Bus Eireann. This got me thinking, those living in the Castletroy area - which is the more popular or better choice?!

Bus Eireann at €1.35c is more expensive (but it offers child concessions for under 16s at €80
Eurobus is cheaper for adults but more expensive for the kids with a flat fee of €1

Bus Eireann offers a 15 minute service
Eurobus runs ever 60 minutes, but unlike Bus Eireann it always sticks to its timetable and arrives on time

Bus Eireann buses are slightly better kept, better designed (for accessibility and to combat crowding).

Overall if you have a disability, dont mind when exactly you go and/or are under 16 take Bus √Čireann. But if you want a reliable service and/or pay full adult fare take Eurobus.

Of course they run differnt routes so take the bus which goes cloesest your destination - but if you are one of the lucky ones the choice is yours.