Tuesday 2 June 2009

I wish I had been an Ethical Hacker

How wonderful it would have been if I had obtained a position in the much coveted system security tower in my office. I had tried all possible ways of becoming an ethical hacker, but have now landed up as a very usual system engineer who would do repeated tasks most of the time(sometimes it rakes my head with new and unforeseen problems). With a growing number of hacking attempts almost every other day, even large organizations are struggling to ensure safety of their systems. This situation has given rise to an immense rise in the need for certified IT Security experts.

There are standard programs offered by system and network security experts like EC-Council to supplement the number of IT security engineers. Needless to say, job prospects in this field is immense for a certified engineer, especially when one has managed to get a few years of experience in the industry. The career path is wonderful with even options like security analyst for large multinational corporations, or a security adviser with the government even, as one progresses. There is some branching at the higher level, where you can decide whether you want to be a high-level expert with an organization or even a private security consultant, if you have a desire for starting your own business.