Thursday 12 March 2009

I had to choose it for her!

One day I got really pissed off by the my girl friend shouted at me, when I failed to meet her on a day, that she felt was very important. But that was a time I had to take care of even more important things and I was in deep trouble having to handle both. There seemed to be no end to this particular issue that had arisen. The reason she called me out was to select the best fitting lingerie for her. This was really frustrating and I had to postpone it. Later one day I joined her to choose the right one for her at her residence. But this time, it was an online shopping experience that made it a bit easy for me – for I dreaded to hang around some place that was meant exclusively for women. The website made my selection easier than I thought the whole process would be. And there was a wide range of choices that pleased her. The final one which we settled down for was a nice fitting, sexy lingerie. The shopping experience was somewhat relaxing and made us feel a bit more relaxed than when we started. Thanks to the website and its designers – I feel it did have a positive impact on our relationship.

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