Friday 3 April 2009

Modernized Arts and Crafts

Ever imagined how wonderful a class in arts and crafts would be for both you and your children? Ceramic art education is not just a matter of hobby for many, but is also a way to unleash the creativity and skill in you.

Contrary to the popular belief arts and craft is simpler and nowadays there are lots of tools that have made the whole process simpler than ever.
Even clay pottery art is simpler and fun filled when done using the electric wheels that are available in the market. Choose a good merchant first. I would prefer AMACO/Brent, a leading dealer in Arts and crafts equipment. There is a huge collection of tools like wooden rib, synthetic sponge, loop tool, wood modeling tool and so on. You must not miss the simple but swift clay oven polymer, a tool that can make even flat sheets of polymer clay. It makes your task of marbeling and slabworking simpler than you can imagine. The ceramic pottery kiln make molding ceramic portraits easier.
Do not miss the wonderful pottery glazes
that can add glamour to your pottery work.

The best part is that you can choose to teach yourself here, a wide range of crafts like wall mural painting, mold making, plastic modeling or any of the arts and crafts you can think of from the lessons provided in easy PDF format. Ceramic literature is what they call it where you can master the art of ceramic design.

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