Sunday 13 May 2007

Daf Bus? More like Daft...

At this stage we must have all ridden them, Daf Bus by WrightBus. These are the buses with less 'Stop buttons', less overhead handrails (the only ones are at the back of the bus and extremely awkward), no ad space and uncomfortable seats which are now falling apart.

These buses along with the Merc's were both brought in at the same time and are the ones that have defiantly not stood the test of time (although to be honest they were less comfortable from the beginning).

Anyway, long story short but it turns out the next order of buses looks to be solely coming from the company who brought Limerick the DafBus, WrightBus Ltd.

Bus √Čireann must be taking the piss... I cant imagine buying from this crowd instead of Mercedes can save them money in the long run. They cant hold ads, they are falling apart and a law suit must be coming any day now from someone who fell because they couldnt hold onto something or their seat fell off when they went to sit down (as has happened me numerous times) or god only knows what else....

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