Wednesday 9 May 2007

Had enough of this yet?

This city has the WORST public transport system in the world. How often have you waited over an hour for a bus which ‘runs every ten minutes’? How often have you had to stand on the bus when it eventually arrived? How often has the bus been littered with chips and crap? How often have you gotten on a bus and seen graffiti everywhere, only to return a month later to see the same graffiti in the same place?

Funding for our bus system must be atrocious because we really do get a horrible service, not just a poor service but often a really nasty service. It really is such a turn off… so this blog is set up for you to say what bugs you about moving around Limerick, not just on buses but any form of getting from place to place in the city. I’m going to get comments from Bus Éireann Limerick office management and seeing as its election time, local politicians.

Please comment on the posts with your own little stories or happenings while riding the bus or what not.


John said...

The other day, I stood at the bus stop in Raheen to catch the 5 o’clock bus, it never came… nor did the 10 past bus, the 20 past bus, the half past bus or the twenty to bus… at that stage I went home because I realised no matter how hard I tried I wouldn’t be able to make it to the three shops I wanted. That really is crazy!!

mgb said...

Lots of discarded bus tickets on the 308 services lately. Don't people use the disposal bin provided any more.

The 8:45 bus to UL this morning left more or less on time, traffic wasn't very busy. It arrived too late at UL to become the 9:00 bus though, becoming the 9:05 instead.

Mark said...

Why is there no route map of the limerick bus system. How is a visitor to the city supposed to find out how to move around? Information seems to be on a word of mouth basis only.

peter said...

what is going on with gerry hannon he said he was running for election then he pulls out is this a stunt between him and noreen ryan he was canvassing for her recently. whats going on. peter

Carolan said...

Imagine the luxury of having a bus that ran every 10 minutes ... way out in the stix (i.e. Castleconnell, only eight miles from the city centre) we have I think five buses a day, and don't even think about wanting to get home any later than 5:45. Sure what would you want to do that for?

I just find it weird. Almost everyone in Castleconnell works in Limerick, and there's about 2000 of us with thousands more on the route into town. So why does it cost over €5 for a return ticket and why aren't there frequent enough buses for people who want to travel to work on them?

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