Friday 8 June 2007

Limerick Media

I'm just after realising how the media in this city never do anything. They never pressurise for change, they never have much reader access. All mainstream Limerick media do is regurgitate press releases.

The papers never actually raise issues, they only speak of when others do and no paper (not even the post) takes a side. Maybe that's why we have been screwed in every way... the media of Limerick, unlike most other city's, does not group for change.

The city is stuck in old-fashioned impartial journalism which is not helping the development of the city. Never has a journalist questioned Bus Eireann for incompetence or compared our services to another city. Whenever we see such work in the papers, it has been done by an outside group and the story picks up the story.

This has only dawned on me now, once again travelling has opened this up to me. Has anyone else noticed this or am i way off?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I actually agree with you. Im an spanish journalist living in Limerick since 10 years ago and I find the media here to be completely obnoxious and ignorant on their own trade. For example, in this week post they mention your blog a a number to ring and complain, but they dont list the web addres or the actual number!!
I don't know if they hae any real professional, to be honest, I have seen 5 year olds being mor inquisitive on their quests.

Seabhcan said...

There is talk of the Limerick Blogger - the only real source of info on Limerick - closing down.