Wednesday 6 June 2007

Take A Stand

On my recent travels I came across a fantastic idea, people in Chicago are recommended by a newspaper (which has a page devoted to complaints on Chicago Transit) to keep the complaints number saved on their mobile phones and call it over any minor thing!

Now, after some research I found found Bus Eireann do not provide that service locally, nor nationally! But I have found contact info of use.

Call this number if the 16.00 bus doesn't arrive until 16.07!
Call this number if the 16.00 bus never arrives but the 16.20 does!
Call this number if the bus is dirty or drawn on!
Call this number if the driver was impolite!
Call this number if the cushion falls of or moves when you sit down!
Call this number if you have ANY little issue with the service!

Every time you have any minor issue call, if that means you call 7 days a week then so be it! Bus Eireann will not improve this service unless we take a stand.

This is YOUR city, are you happy with Bus Eireann representing you to tourists?
This is YOUR service, are you happy waiting above and beyond the official timetable at an open air bus stop only to get on an overcrowded dirty bus?


Miriam Flynn , Area Manager
John Power, Services Manager
(061) 418855

Tell Bus Eireann you want a route map to know where buses go.
Tell Bus Eireann you want an on-board announcer.
Tell Bus Eireann you want a shelter and seat at your bus stop.
Tell Bus Eireann you want an accurate timetable.
Tell Bus Eireann you want a personalised timetable for every stop, at that stop.
Tell Bus Eireann you travel around the city before 7am and after 11pm.
Tell Bus Eireann you want to ride on clean buses.
Tell Bus Eireann you want the ceiling to be screwed on.
Tell Bus Eireann you want the seats attached to the bus.

Tell them those points don't lead to a great service, they lead to an adequate one, great would involve enough buses so people don't need to endanger their lives to get home using public transport at rush hour - don't have people standing, put on extra buses. It would involve screens at every stop detailing how long the next bus will take. It would involve running every day of the year (including extra services for St. Patricks Day Parade when thousands of people are trying to head into the city centre - instead of cancelling services.). It would involve taking all the information on the city's bus service and popping it in every door of the city and suburbs. It would involve having bike racks on the front of these buses to facilitate cyclists. It would invlove having a hotline which people with issues could call to complain about. It would involve a lot of change on the part of Bus Eireann.

Call them - Tell them, and Take A Stand


Anonymous said...

If they did what you suggest then they would have to take their heads out of the sands to take a peak on what is really going on. Certain drivers do not want to be monitored.

As for Night time bus service. You asking for trouble there, whatever the complaints people have about peak times service, with very little traffic and bus will probably never arrive on time. I gave up on Limerick city bus for regular commute, as it is very very unreliable.

Technology is there to put GPS location system on buses to track their movements, it has been available in Europe and US. Putting screens on bus stops, then you need break proof glass to put them behind, from what I saw before, rouges/drunk people have been smashing the bus stops time tables or drawing over them.
I just looked at the City council Proposal for Green (bus) Routes which should help bus routes times with the exception of Coonagh (Thanks to Limerick county council). It years away, while Limerick county council already put them in place in their part of the bus routes, Dooradoyle, Castletroy and Coonagh(now belongs to the city). So please add your local councillors phone numbers to your mobiles about getting the time table move up and complain about continuing Bus Service. You have better effect by nagging the councillors about it, rather than Bus Eireann.

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